FI-CONTENT at Future Internet PPP event in Barcelona, February 28th and March 1st, 2013

From February 28th until March 1st, 2013
FI-CONTENT together with all our Future Internet PPP partners have been present at the Future Internet PPP event in Barcelona called: Engage! Towards cross-border experimentation with European Stakeholders

At the Palau de Congressos de Barcelona, Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina, 08004 Barcelona, Spain




As the phase 1 of Future Internet Public-Private Partnership is drawing to a close, this Barcelona FI-PPP Event has been the right moment to engage and share the overall vision, objectives and outcomes of this strategic European programme going towards phase 2 and 3.

FI-CONTENT DEMO at FI-PPP Event,Barcelona

The FI-CONTENT Demo at the FI-PPP event has been dedicated to the presentation of the project and the results attained during FI-PPP phase 1. During this very productive period, a comprehensive set of Media/Content use cases was specified and their requirements described. The Future Internet architecture and the enablers necessary to implement FI-CONTENT use cases have been characterized.


Partners have showcased the FI-CONTENT specific enablers and generic enabler validation demonstrator in the following seven demonstrations:

Partner Which   Demo
  1. Chino        ‘NORIS (Disney)’
Networked   virtual character” demo
  1. Christopher        Krauß (Fraunhofer FOKUS)
Content   Enrichment
  1. Bertrand        Leroy (Thechnicolor)
Content   Discovery” demo.
  1. Franck        Feurtey(FT)
Hybrid   Reality
  1. Ralf        Neudel (IRT)/Anette (RBB)
2nd-Screen-Framework   & App-Gallery.
  1. Juan Quemada-Joaquin Salvachua        (UPM)
Generic Enabler Validation Demonstrator
  1. Philipp        Susallek and Felix Klein (DFKI)
Interactive 3D Graphics and   Augmented Reality in the Browser with XML3D and Xflow


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FI-CONTENT at Mobile World Congress 2013, Barcelona

From February 25th until February 28th, 2013 FI-CONTENT together with all our Future Internet PPP partners have been present at the Mobile World Congress 2013, Barcelona exhibition area, with multiple demo slots and possibility to directly engage with us at .all 8.1 Stand 8.1L4


The FI-CONTENT Demo at the MWC has been dedicated to the presentation of the project and the results attained during FI-PPP phase 1. During this very productive period, a comprehensive set of Media/Content use cases was specified and their requirements described. The Future Internet architecture and the enablers necessary to implement FI-CONTENT use cases have been characterized.

Partners have showcased their FI-CONTENT specific enablers as well as generic enablers validation demonstrator in the following five demonstrations:

Name of Demo Partner
  1. Content        Discovery
  1. Content        distribution in collaborative geo-communities
  1. Networked        virtual character
  1. Content        Enrichment
Fraunhofer   FOKUS
  1. GE validation demonstrator




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HbbTV Second Screen Showcase at IFA 2012 and IBC

Björn Stockleben (RBB) demonstrating the rbbtext HD second screen showcase at RBB's IFA booth

Björn Stockleben (RBB) demonstrating the rbbtext HD second screen showcase at RBB’s IFA booth

Held every year in Berlin, the Internationale Funkausstellung (I FA) is the world’s leading trade show for Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances. This year, on both the RBB and the ARD Digital World booths, RBB and IRT presented an innovative second screen showcase for rbbtext HD, RBB television’s digital teletext service.

The second screen showcase allowed viewers to connect a personal device to an HbbTV-enabled Smart TV. By scanning a QR code on the TV with a Tablet PC or smartphone both devices are automatically connected. Once connected the teletext service is available on both devices, the Tablet can be used as an extended touch screen remote control to navigate through the teletext on the TV screen, or can be used as an alternative to the TV screen. A further feature was the option to open website on the Tablet PC from links on the TV screen. The showcase was based on the second screen framework developed by IRT in FI-CONTENT.

Visitors to the booths included members of the general public, other broadcasters, industrial visitors and project partners. The feedback from visitors was very positive, especially with regards the ease of use of the connection procedure and the option of opening web pages on the Tablet PC.

The rbbtext HD second screen showcase was also demonstrated at the IRT’s booth at IBC from 7th – 11th September in Amsterdam. Here the showcase also attracted a lot of positive attention and interest. Booth visitors included members of SRG, Swiss Text, Kabel Deutschland,Telewizja Polska, KBS, YLE, NHK, NBC, Neotion, Open, GloboTV, SBS, EU, Tara Systems, Media Broadcast, BBC, EBU and ARD.

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NEM Summit 2012 Workshop

Many thanks to our visitors for the NEM Summit 2012 workshop.

For those who have not yet answered the questionnaire, you could do it online:

Photos and videos of the workshop will be posted soon.



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Fi-CONTENT at NEM Summit 2012

On October 17th 2012, FI-CONTENT will organize a workshop at the NEM Summit, held at Istanbul, Turkey.

This event is dedicated to the presentation of the project and the results attained during the first year. During this very productive period, a comprehensive set of Media/Content use cases was specified and their requirements described. The Future Internet architecture and the enablers necessary to implement FI-CONTENT use cases have been characterized.

Partners will showcase during this workshop the following FI-CONTENT specific enablers:

  • Hybrid Reality at Planet Scale
  • Clickable Video
  • Multi-users recommendation
  • Crowd Sourcing
  • Multimedia Analysis in Education
  • 2nd Screen for HbbTV
  • Authentication for Connected TVs
  • Content Enrichment Platform
  • Bandwidth reservation for cinema streaming
  • Device-to-device content sharing
  • Reality Mixer
  • User Profile Broker
  • Federated social newtork

The NEM Summit, organised every year since 2008 by the NEM Initiative in close cooperation with leading industrial and academic players worldwide, is the “not-to-be-missed” annual event for all those interested in Future Internet developments and in the fast paced evolution of the networked and electronic media industry.

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FI-CONTENT at London 2012 Olympics

FI-CONTENT partners Disney participate in 2 major business events coinciding with the 2012 Olympics in London.

On 23rd July Zurich Creative Day showcased many leading game development creative talents including an FI-CONTENT technology presentation from Disney Research Zurich on Games and virtual environments including our Augmented Reality Toys technologies. Details of this event are found here.


Also on this content area topic, August 3rd sees Disney Research UK (Black Rock, The Walt Disney Company Ltd) participating in the newly launched British Business Embassy, the UK government’s highest profile business event of the Olympic period encouraging global investment in the UK and Eurozone collaborative businesses. Here, an innovative virtual online platform commences for six months, permitting investors to access the showcase remotely. Live and recorded coverage can be found here. Included are demonstrations of our Reality Mixer specific enabler validation work, for example Augmented Reality Physics (above), Advanced Immersive Tracking and Augmented Reality Audio (below).

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Presentations done during FI-CONTENT / EXPERIMEDIA workshop held during FIA Aalborg are available here

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Media: a driver for future internet usage

Workshop co-organised by FI-CONTENT and EXPERIMEDIA projects during next Future Internet Week in Aalborg -Danemark.  Wednesday 9 May 9.00-12.30 (meeting room Laugsstuen).

Registration is now open on the FIA website. Please note that the charge for attendance of the Workshop is included in the Future Internet Week registration charge.

Short summary of the workshop: More than 50%(growing) of internet traffic is now represented by video and audio content. Media applications and services are key drivers for Future Internet infrastructures capabilities. Through this session, we propose to built on early results achieved by the FI-CONTENT and EXPERIMEDIA projects. Several potential testbeds will be presented opening the conversation: how testbeds can support pilots, with special consideration to challenges such as user partisipation and architecture/integration approaches allowing the introduction of innovative technologies(generic and specific enablers).

Preliminary agenda

  • Introduction 

Speaker: Michael Boniface – IT Innovation/EXPERIMEDIA

  • FI-CONTENT objectives: Media and content usage area for FI-PPP

Media traffic represents already more that 50% of internet. The objective of FI-CONTENT is to identify a representative set of use case scenarios that can benefit from the expected progresses that the future internet will bring to the society.

 Speaker: Henri FOURDEUX- Technicolor/FI-CONTENT coordinator

  • EXPERIMEDIA objectives: FIRE facility for social and networked media experiments

Offering collective and participative experiences to real-world and online communities is at the heart of the Future Media Internet and forms an essential part of entertainment, collaborative working, education, product and service innovation and advertising. EXPERIMEDIA aims to explore new forms of social interaction and rich media experiences through experiments and pilots conducted at live events offered by culturally and economically important Smart Venues.

Speaker: Michael Boniface – IT Innovation/EXPERIMEDIA

  • FI-CONTENT: Media scenarios driving future internet infrastucture capabilities

The work of FI-CONTENT is based on studying innovative use case scenarios with demanding technology and network performances. 5 important content areas, spanning future uses of AV, games, Web, metadata and user created content, are considered and will demonstrate usage beyond current state of the art.

 Speaker: George Wright – BBC/FI-CONTENT

  • Key enabling technologies for media scenario experimentations

From the use case scenarios a technical analysis is performed, in order to identify the relevant technologies needed to implement those scenarios into services to the users. Such technology “enablers “ contribute to a service platform  architecture which is discussed with network experts.

 Speaker: Farid Benbadis – Thales/FI-CONTENT

  • Accessing and utilising Smart Venues for experiments and pilots

Technologists innovating in novel Future Media Internet applications and services need to rapidly validate ideas and assumptions by transitioning prototypes in the lab to pilots integrated and operated in real-world ecosystems. To integrate technology into an existing ecosystem requires a transition in maturity level and technologists must overcome both technical (e.g. interoperability, integration, etc) and socio-economic barriers (e.g. legal, regulatory, and commercial) to ensure insights gained through experimentation are representative and robust. EXPERIMEDIA directly tackles these issues by offering experiments Smart Venue infrastructure enhanced with generic FMI technologies and a methodology to pull it all together that considers the important relationship between Content Lifecycle (How we experience) and Experiment lifecycle (How we learn).

Speaker: Simon Crowe – IT Innovation

  • Testbeds for CONTENT experimentations

An important task of FI-CONTENT is to prepare an experimentation to validate the enablers identified in the project as the key technologies for the realisation of future media internet. That work contemplates several testbeds that will prepare such experimentation. As a starting point, a set of several testbed infrastructure has been identified, that will in a further project phase be deployed to the needed scale in view of life tests. FI-CONTENT will also activate user communities for the large scale experiments in phase 2 and has access to already established regional user focus groups. The user community bootstrapping activities will be fed with all the discussions and trials which have been performed so far by the focus groups in phase 1, in order to build on top of their results.

 EXPERIMEDIA  testbed e.Gg.Schladming Ski resort will be presented.

 Speaker: Pierre-Yves Danet -  Orange/FI-CONTENT; Carmen Mac Williams - Grassroot Arts/FI-CONTENT;  Peter Ljungstrand - Interactive Institute/EXPERIMEDIA


  • Open discussion with participants of the Workshop


  • Conclusion of the workshop

 Speaker: Henri FOURDEUX- Technicolor/FI-CONTENT coordinator





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FI-CONTENT presence at 2nd Fokus Media Web Symposium

During the two day event, about 170 experts from 15 nations with 52 talks representing the international media, telecommunication and content industry presented and discussed recent trends and technical challenges for Mobile Applications, Social Media, SmartTV and interactive Content.

FI-CONTENT presented early concepts in the exhibition area.

We received a very positive feedback and had a lot of interesting discussion around our project goals and the developments that will take place in FI-CONTENT

A summary of Media Web symposium is available here

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FI-CONTENT at Future Internet week in Poznan

 During the Future Internet Week in Poznan(Oct.24-27), DFKI representatives ran the FI-PPP booth and presented the latest results from FI-CONTENT. Besides the FI-PPP and FI-CONTENT posters and information material, the focus was mainly on the demos from the Content area “Games and virtual environments


 On an iPad, we showed the Augmented Reality Game demo from Disney/BlackRock that was first time showed at NEM Summit. This time, we also connected to the 3D-Internet- demo from DFKI, which allowed several users with their XML3D- enabled Web browsers  to connect to a Distributed Virtual World that was fully synchronized among the users. The connection between the two demos is one of the major use cases of the “Games and virtual environments” content area.

 Interests and responses from visitors were very positive.

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